Work next door


the outhouse winter


The poor outhouse is not looking so well. It needs some attention next year I hope.

multippel of studio

Multippel atelier

the outhouse

theHouse outhouse 2012

the backyard late autumn

theHouse backyard 2012

The backyard this autumn.

Studioview pictureclutter

HoltenSkagen 20121120

HoltenSkagen 20121121


theHouse restoration pile


I´d love to just stop right here and round it off keeping the old floor closest to the camera. That might mean that I can’t finnish the floor until autumn so I just don´t know. We will see on monday.

Beams studio

Flooring and plastics

theHouse flooring plastics

The first section by the door was a breeze although I was in no hurry. It had concrete foundation walls bellow on all four sides. This section is a little more difficult, I have 2 and a half foundations and a beam of wood on the left. I´m getting stressed cause the area I´m standing on is the most difficult, probably. It will be all right if I speed it up a little, hm.