the House early autumn


At this point in time I am actually finished with the windows and two sections on the right side is insulated with supporting structural work. The most demanding work was the masonry not visible. The concrete holding the rock fundament was completely dissolved and all that held the wall together was gravity. I had to do repairs section by section and to tell you the truth I was not sure I could do it but I did:)

 Using a sledgehammer and some aggression 1 meter at a time I removed any loose concrete. Then I pulled out any large rocks that would come loose and remounted them in B30 concrete. It is such a forgiving house to restore:) Anyway the structural integrity of the wall seems ok and it is now draft (uncontrolled) free. Further repairs is necessary, a couple of cracks and aesthetics:) 

They are building a new hospital on the other side of the street. As a beginning they are changing the water delivery and sewage all the way up the street. The old steel pipe at the bottom of the picture might probably be a piece of water line. Sewage to the house is originally ceramic pipes which are prone to infiltration by tree-roots. We changed all the way to the outside (1-2 meters) so there is not many meters left for the new connection.

I’ll be back to my beloved house by the end of October. We are changing the front door (the backdoor is changed:)) and finishing the short wall towards the hospital. 

Today in Oslo I felt for the first time as a proper student. UIO Blindern Campus is extraordinary! Reading facilities are great, lots of large screen computers but I didn’t find the library. Bought half of my curriculum at a ludicrous price but the shopkeeper informed me that those books were especially usefull. The science of society.

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